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2019 Softball FAQs

WUHCA Softball Registration FAQ’s Outdoor Season May & June 2019

1. What are the age groups, prices and nights of play?

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2. When is softball registration in WUHCA?
February 1– March 22, 2019. A late registration fee of $25 will apply after midnight on March 22, 2019.

3. Can I register for WUHCA softball online?
Yes! Registration is online only and can be completed via the following link:

4. What if my child’s year of birth is 2008 or earlier?
If your child is female, please register for Saskatoon Hustlers fastball at
If your child is male, please register with the Saskatoon Selects at

5. My child is small/inexperienced. Can they play down a level?
No, unfortunately this is not permitted by SMSL. U6-U10 is considered non-competitive as scores are not kept during games.

6. Will the U6-U10 teams be co-ed?
The Blastball U6 can be co-ed, depending on the number of players registered. Rookie U8 and Mites U10 have a girls team and a boys team.

7. What equipment do players need?
Players need running shoes, a ball glove, comfortable clothing and a water bottle. Team shirts are provided for Kinderball and Blastball U6. Team jerseys and pants are provided for Rookie U8 and Mites U10.

8. Can I coach? What training do I need to coach?
Yes! We are always in need of coaches. In fact, if a parent on your child’s team does not step up to coach, your child will not be able to play. There is a mandatory coaches clinic that you will be required to attend, which is of no cost to you. This usually occurs in April before the season starts.

9. I can’t coach – how else can I help?
You can help as a team manager or an equipment manager. Another option is to consider signing up as the softball coordinator. Contact anyone on the WUHCA board if you are interested.

10. Is there an in-person registration night?
No, there is no in-person registration night. Registration is done online at

11. Do I need to buy a new membership?
Family WUHCA Memberships are valid from September to August, so you will need a new membership if you have not purchased one in September 2018 or later. Memberships can be purchased online at the time of registration. Your child cannot play without a valid membership, and late purchased memberships with be assessed a 50% administrative charge. We will be checking to make sure everyone purchases a membership.

12. How do I get a membership card?
WUHCA will not be issuing membership cards. Your email registration receipt is proof of your membership. Please keep this in your records for future reference.

13. Can I register late?
Any registration after midnight on March 22 nd , 2019 will have a $25 late fee added to it.

14. Why is registration so early?
Saskatoon Minor Softball League requires teams to be formed by the end of March.

15. Are spots limited?
No, there is no registration limit. We do our best to ensure everyone who wants to play, can play.

16. How can I pay for softball?
WUHCA will only be accepting online payment. Payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards.

17. Can I make friend requests when registering?
Yes, you can request up to two friends for your child to play with. Please realize that there are a lot of factors that go into forming teams, so these requests are not guaranteed.

18. Can I get a refund?
There will be no refunds issued after registration.

19. When will I get team information?
Your child’s coach should email you in late April. If you don’t receive an email by the end of April, email the WUHCA Softball Coordinator at

20. I still have questions – who do I contact?
If you have any additional questions which are not covered here, please email the Softball Coordinator at