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Soccer Registration FAQs

WUHCA Soccer Registration FAQs Outdoor Season May 1- June 27, 2019

1. What are the age groups, prices and nights of play?

Note that Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc (SYSI) schedules the games for U5-U9, and WUHCA does not have control over the schedule.

U5-U9 teams play games once a week. Coaches may decide to schedule practices.

Kindersoccer teams have practices/ non-competitive games once a week.

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*Kindersoccer players must be at least 3 years old at the time of play

**No underage players (i.e., born earlier than 2014) are permitted in U5

NOTE: Nights of play and number of players in games are subject to change.

No refunds will be issued after registration.

Mini FOS tournament (U5-U9): June 7-9 at SaskTel Sports Centre

Tim Hortons Jamboree (U5 & U7 only): Sun, June 23rd at SaskTel Sports Centre

2. When is soccer registration in WUHCA?

February 1st – Mar 1st, 2019

3. Can I register for WUHCA soccer online?

Yes! Registration is online and can be completed via the following link:

4. What if my child’s year of birth is 2009 or earlier?

Your child should be enrolled in Youth Soccer though our zone (Aurora Soccer). See and

5. My child is small/inexperienced. Can they play down a level?

No, unfortunately this is not permitted by Saskatoon Youth Soccer. Note that SYSI considers U5-U9 to be non-competitive. Scores are not kept during games.

6. Can I register for U7 and U9 Developmental league through WUHCA?

Registration for U7 and U9 Developmental league is through the Aurora zone. Please see and for details. Please note youth soccer players can not belong to more than 1 team during a season. No refunds will be issued by WUHCA for those that try to register their child for both leagues.

7. Will U7 and U9 be co-ed or will there be a boys/girls team only?

This will depend on the number of players registered. SYS will allow co-ed teams for U7 and U9 if there are not enough players to make a team. The coordinators will also be communicating with other community associations to determine what they are doing. If numbers are low our players may be allocated to play on a different community team.

8. What equipment do players need?

Running shoes and comfortable clothes are fine. Shin guards are recommended for U5-U9. If shin guards are worn, they must be covered in order to prevent injury to other players. Most of the older players wear soccer cleats. Team shirts and soccer balls are provided.

9. Can I coach? What training do I need to Coach?

Yes! We are always in need of coaches. In fact, if a parent on your child’s team does not step up to coach, we will have to refund your money and your child will not be able to play. The chart below lists the Coach Certification Requirements:


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10. If I decide I want to volunteer to be a coach and take the coach certification requirements, does WUHCA reimburse me for the courses?

Yes. You will be fully refunded for the above required courses taken.

11. I can’t coach- how else can I help?

You can help with your team as manager or fund raising for tournaments or team events. Another option is to consider signing up as a soccer coordinator for next year. Contact anyone on the WUHCA board if you are interested!

12. Is there an in-person registration night?

No, there will not be in-person registration.

13. Do I need to buy a new membership?

Family WUHCA Memberships run September to August, so you will need a new membership if you have not purchased one in September 2018 or later. Memberships can be purchased online at the time of registration. Your child cannot play without a valid membership, and late purchased memberships will be assessed a 50% administrative charge. We will be checking to make sure everyone purchases a membership.

14. Can I register late?

If there is room on a team after March 1st, you may be able to register late by contacting the relevant coordinator (see below). Late registrations are subject to a $40 late fee.

15. Why is registration so early?

Saskatoon Youth Soccer requires teams to be formed by the middle of March.

16. Are spots limited?

No, there is no registration limit for on-time registrations. If we don’t get enough coaches to volunteer, some players will not be able to play and will be refunded.

17. How do I get a membership card?

WUHCA will not be issuing membership cards. Your email registration receipt is proof of your membership. Please keep this in your records for future reference.

18. How can I pay for soccer?

WUHCA will only be accepting online payments. Payments are accepted using Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

19. Can I make friend requests when registering?

Yes, you can request up to two friends for your child to play with. Head coaches can request more than two friends. Please realize that there are a lot of factors that go into forming teams, so these requests are not guaranteed.

20. Can I get a refund?

There will be no refunds issued after registration.

21. When will I get team information?

Your coach should email you by mid-April. If you don’t receive an email by April 20th, email WUHCA soccer coordinator.

22. I still have questions- who do I contact?

We thought we covered it all! If you have questions please email: Kinder soccer and U5 – U7 and U9 –