Indoor Winter Soccer 2021

What are the age groups, prices and nights of play?
Note that Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc (SYSI) schedules the games for U5-U9, and WUHCA does not have control over the schedule.

AgeDivisionFeesFormat# of Games# of PracticesGame Days
Under 5 (2016)Coed
$75Fun developmental practices and 3v3 games8 games at Henk Ruys Soccer Centre NoneSundays
Under 7 (2014 & 2015)Boys/ Girls
$1004 v 4
Includes goal keeper
8 games at Henk Ruys Soccer Centre 8 practices at Henk Ruys Soccer Centre Sundays
Under 9 (2012 & 2013)Boys/Girls
$1205 v 5
Includes goal keeper
8 games at Henk Ruys Soccer Centre 8 practices at Henk Ruys Soccer Centre Mondays

Important Information:

  • Winter Session starts January 3 and ends March 14.
  • Registration is November 1 – 16.
  • Due to no school gym availability this sesssion, we will be unable to offer Kindersoccer for the fall session.
  • No underage players are permitted in U5.
  • A family WUHCA membership is required to be purchased ($15) at the time of registration and is not included in your soccer fees.
  • We do welcome registrations from other community associations who wish to have their child placed on a WUHCA team. If your child has friends they wish to play with, email our Soccer Coordinator with your child’s and friends full names.

No refunds will be issued after registration.

Where can I register for WUHCA soccer?

NEW! U5/U7/U9 soccer players – will have two registration steps.

  1. First, you will need to register for a WUHCA Membership and pay soccer fees via CommuniBee.
  2. Second, you will be required to register your child in RAMP. YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS STEP. This is to ensure your child is put on a roster and have insurance through the Saskatchewan Soccer Association.

What is being done to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Each league is limited to 50 people – including coaches and players. There will be 4 teams in each pool, and this pool will practice at the same time and day each week. Games will also be at the same day each week. This will make it easier for contact tracing.

Coaches will be keeping track of who was at each practice and game for contact tracing.

SYS and SSA has limited the number of people in a gathering to 30.  All players may only come with 1 parent. This may be difficult for some parents and would like your support to keep numbers below the maximum. Alternating pooling to games and practices may be an option

How to register in CommuniBee App

Soccer programs are listed in the Events Section. When opening the app, select Browse Events in the top right corner.

All of the soccer programs are listed after registration ends starting on November 16. Select the correct age/sex group for your child to purchase the event ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child’s year of birth is 2011 or earlier?

Your child should be enrolled in Youth Soccer though our zone (Aurora Soccer).  See and

My child is small/inexperienced.  Can they play down a level?

No, unfortunately this is not permitted by Saskatoon Youth Soccer.  Note that SYSI considers U5-U9 to be non-competitive.  Scores are not kept during games.

Can I register for U7/9 Developmental league through WUHCA?

Registration for U7/9 Developmental league is through the Aurora zone.  Please see and for details. Please note youth soccer players cannot belong to more than 1 team during a season. No refunds will be issued for those registering for both leagues.

Will U7 and U9 be co-ed or will there be a boys/girls team only.

This is dependent on the number of players registered. Some players may be transferred to another community team to create teams.

What equipment do players need?

Running shoes and comfortable clothes are fine. Shin guards are recommended for U5-U9. If shin guards are worn, they must be covered in order to prevent injury to other players. Most older players wear soccer cleats.Team shirts and soccer balls are provided.

Can I coach?

Yes! We are always in need of coaches. Unfortunately, if we do not have enough coaches we will be unable to create teams and many disappointed kids. Your money will be refunded if there is not a coach for your child’s team.

Can I coach more than one team?

No. In order to maintain a bubble of 50 people, there can only be 4 teams in each pool with no cross over of players or coaches into another pool.

What training do I need to Coach?

The below lists the Coach Certification Requirements. Requirements must be met prior to the first game.

Any unregistered team personnel (those found on the team bench or on the game sheet) may be fined $100 each.


Coaching staff: those individuals in the positions of head coach, assistant coach or apprentice/developmental coach and will typically include all individuals providing technical and tactical guidance to players during game situations.

Team Personnel: includes any individual eligible to appear on a game sheet and be on the bench during a game, including the coaching staff, manager, assistant manager, trainer, therapist, gender representative, etc.

RAMP Registration: Every coach, assistant coach, manager, and volunteer parent or volunteer participating in any on field activities with the team must be registered and insured through SSA. This does not mean certified with the correct coaching certification but registered to show due diligence in terms of insurance. To ensure you are registered you must be listed on a roster submitted by your team or your Zone Registrar. The Saskatchewan Soccer Association hereby requires that all coaching staff on the bench be age appropriately certified as listed above.

Where can I get training for the above?

Once information is available, it will be posted on the SYS website.

If I decide I want to volunteer to be a coach and take the coach certification requirements, does WUHCA reimburse me for the courses?

Yes. You will be fully refunded for the above required courses taken upon submission of a valid receipt


Do I have to have a criminal record check if I decide to become a coach?

Yes. All coaches must have criminal record check (CRC) as mandated by Saskatchewan Soccer Association as a result of working with children (vulnerable person).    


If I decide I want to volunteer to be a coach, does WUHCA reimburse me for the courses?

Yes, you will be fully refunded for the above required courses taken.


I can’t coach- how else can I help?

You can help with your team as manager or champion for cleaning equipment after practices and games. Another option is to consider signing up as soccer coordinator for next year. Contact anyone on the WUHCA executive if you are interested.

Is there an in-person registration night?

No, registration is online.

Do I need to buy a new membership?

You will need a current family WUHCA Memberships.  Memberships are valid from July 1st – June 30th. Memberships can be purchased via CommuniBee at the time of registration. Your child cannot play without a valid membership, and late purchased memberships will be assessed a 50% administrative charge.

Can I register late?

If there is room on a team after November 16, you may be able to register late by contacting the Soccer Coordinator.  Acceptance will be based on space availability. Late registrations are subject to a $40 late fee.

Why is registration so early?

Saskatoon Youth Soccer requires teams to be formed by November 30. 

Are spots limited?

If you are registered by November 16, there is no limit. If we are unable to find enough coaches to volunteer, some players will not be able to play and will be refunded.

How can I pay for soccer?

WUHCA only accepts online payments using Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Can I get a refund?

No refunds are issued after registration.

When will I get team information?

Your coach should email you by early December.  If you don’t receive an email by December 12, email the WUHCA Soccer Coordinator.

I still have questions- who do I contact?

WUHCA’s soccer coordinator.