Outdoor Soccer 2021

What are the age groups, prices and nights of play?
Note that Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc (SYSI) schedules the games for U5-U9, and WUHCA does not have control over the schedule.

U5 – U9 teams play one game a week and have a practice one day a week (coaches decide what day to schedule practices).

Kindersoccer teams have practices/non-competitive games once a week.

Age GroupYear of BirthFees($)Tentative Nights of Play
6-7 pm Wallace Park
Under 5 (co-ed)
3v3 (no goalkeeper)
FULL FOR OUTDOOR 202155Mon/Tues 6 or 7pm
Possibly Fri
Under 7 (Girls or Boys)
4v4 (keeper optional)
FULL FOR OUTDOOR 202160REVISED: Wed/Thurs 6 or 7pm
Possibly Fri
Under 9 (Girls or Boys)
5v5 (with keeper)
FULL FOR OUTDOOR 202165Mon/Tues 6 or 7pm
Possibly Fri
*Kindersoccer players must be at least 3 years old at the time of play
** NO UNDERAGE players (born earlier than 2016) are permitted in U5
NOTE: Night of play depends on the pool the team is placed in.

Due to the current pandemic, we cannot be certain the 2021 season will go ahead. Registration fees will be refunded if the season is cancelled.

Membership fees are non-refundable.



Registration Details

KinderSoccer (born 2017) registration ends March 29, 2021. All other age groups registration has closed.

Kindersoccer players register through CommuniBee only (for instructions on how to register in CommuniBee, see bottom of page).

U5/U7/U9 registration is CLOSED for Outdoor 2021! Rosters are filled.

  1. WUHCA Membership purchase and pay soccer fees via CommuniBee (for instructions on how to register in CommuniBee, see bottom of page). We honour other community association memberships within Saskatoon. Email proof of current membership to our registration coordinator to have a membership added to your CommuniBee account (will take 3-5 business days).
  2. Complete registration via RAMP and register your child in the same age group as CommuniBee. YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS STEP for your child to be put on a roster. After creating the player profile you will be able to select the age specific group your child will play in.
What if my child was born in 2011 or earlier?
Your child should be enrolled in Saskatoon Youth Soccer through our zone.
My child is small/inexperienced. Can they play down a level?
No. U5-U9 is considered non-competitive, scores are not kept during games.
Can I register for U7/U9 Developmental League through WUHCA?
No, this is done through the Aurora zone. Note: Players can not belong to more than one team during a season. No refunds will be issued by WUHCA for those that register their child in both leagues.
Will U7/U9 be co-ed or boys/girls team only?
This is dependent on the number of players registered. Co-ed teams will be made if there are not enough players to make separate teams. Soccer coordinators communicate with other community associations to determine if trading some players allows to create teams.
What equipment do players need?
Running shoes and comfortable clothes are fine. Shin guards are recommended for U5-U9. If shin guards are worn they must be covered in order to prevent injury to other players. Most older players wear cleats. Team shirts and soccer balls are provided.
Can I coach? What training do I need to coach?
Yes! We are always in need of coaches. If there are no volunteers for coaching for teams we will refund your money and children will be unable to play.
Coach certification requirements and clinic dates are on the Saskatoon Youth Soccer Website.
If I volunteer to coach, does WUHCA reimburse me for the courses required?
Yes, you will be fully refunded for the required courses.
I can’t coach, how else can I help?
You can help with your team as manager or fundraising for tournaments or team events. Another option is to consider signing up as a soccer coordinator for next year. Contact anyone on the WUHCA Board if interested.
Is there an in-person registration night?
Do I need to purchase a new membership?
You will need a current membership to play soccer. Memberships are valid from July 1 – June 30 and are purchased via CommuniBee at the time of registration. You will be unable to purchase the soccer event via CommuniBee without a current WUHCA Membership.
Can I register late?
If there is room on a team after March 7 you may be able to register late by contacting the relevant coordinator (see below). Late registrations are subject to a $40 fee.
Why is registration so early?
Saskatoon Youth Soccer requires teams to be formed by the middle of March.
Are spots limited?
No. If we do not get enough coaches to volunteer, some players may be refunded and unable to play.
How do I get a membership card?
No physical cards are given. A virtual card can be brought up on the CommuniBee app (the credit card looking menu item at the top of the screen).
How can I pay for soccer?
Via CommuniBee with Via, MasterCard or American Express.
Can I get a refund?
There will be no refunds issued after registration
When will I get team information?
Your coach will email you mid-April. If you do not receive an email by April 20, email the appropriate soccer coordinator below.
Contact Information
If you have any further questions please email:


How to register in CommuniBee App

Soccer programs are listed in the Events Section. When opening the app, select Browse Events in the top right corner.

All of the soccer programs are listed after registration ends starting on March 30Select the correct age/sex group for your child to purchase the event ticket.

Thank you Foundation Chiropractic!

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