The WUHCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the Willowgrove University Heights neighbourhood in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

The vibrant and growing Willowgrove neighbourhood and University Heights suburban centre are represented by the Willowgrove/University Heights Community Association. The association works to provide activities to promote quality of life and a sense of community for all residents. Members can serve on the executive, organize sports and leisure programs, participate in neighbourhood social events, or represent the community in civic matters. The association has partnered with surrounding community associations to offer recreation programs to Willowgrove and University Heights residents. Future programs will take place at the Integrated Community/School Centre, local schools, neighbourhood parks and the village square. Meet your neighbours and build your community by volunteering with Willowgrove/University Heights Community Association. New members are always welcome!

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About our community

City of Saskatoon & Willowgrove Neighbourhood Profiles

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Roles within the WUHCA Executive Board

The Willowgrove University Heights Community Association elects a Board of Directors to do all things necessary for the successful operation of the organization and be empowered by the membership to act on their behalf. Roles change and can be added or removed to suit the needs of the membership.

Adult Programs Coordinator

(Can be combined with children programming coordinator position)

  • Prepare list of adult programs to be offered, including time schedules and fees, for approval by the Executive.
  • Prepare an annual budget for programming.
  • Coordinate fall, winter and spring indoor program registrations.
  • Arrange for the use of school or other suitable facilities for each program.
  • Prepare reports and submit program information forms as required by Leisure Services.
  • Hire suitable instructors/leaders.
  • Arrange for suitable supplies and equipment to be available for each program.
  • Provide information about each program to the communications director for placement in the association newsletter.

Basketball Coordinator

  • Organize and coordinate registration and develop team lists for the SMBA league.
  • Ensure there are sufficient coaches for the teams and the coaches are aware of their duties.  Keep in contact with coaches to ensure things are running smoothly.
  • Register teams with SMBA. Be knowledgeable in and keep coaches informed about league regulations.
  • Distribute schedules and equipment to coaches.
  • Establish yearly budget for all basketball needs.
  • Become familiar with the policies of the association and keep the association up-to-date with what is happening in the basketball program.
  • Keep the community informed through articles in the newsletter
  • Attend monthly executive meetings.
  • Communicate with the SMBA coordinator on a regular basis.
  • This would be a great job for a parent who feels they “don’t know enough about the game to coach it”.

Booking Coordinator

  • Responsible for booking rooms through the schools to accommodate programs and meetings throughout the year.

Children Programming Coordinator

(Can be combined with children programming coordinator position)

  • Coordinates and organizes programs for children
  • Prepare program information forms and submit to Leisure services
  • Submit registration date, program activities, descriptions, locations, dates, times and fees to the communications director for placement in the association newsletter.
  • Hire instructors and book schools for the required programs.
  • Responsible for equipment and supplies used in programs.

 Equipment Coordinator

  • Assess the supplies, both quantity and quality, for all programs.
  • Develop budget for equipment required for both indoor and outdoor programs.
  • Arrange for distribution of equipment.
  • Build team bags based on team number and age group.
  • Contact the equipment age group managers to distribute the bags on a timely basis.
  • Arrange for an exchange day for any teams that require equipment changes.
  • Contact the age group equipment managers at the end of the season to arrange for return of all equipment.

Media Coordinator: Advertising

  • Liaison for community supporting businesses through website advertising.
  • Other duties as required for special projects such as rink sponsorship.
  • Annual printed newsletter development as well as coordination of printing and mailing to membership.

Media Coordinator: Facebook/Website

  • Post updates to the Willowgrove University Heights Community Association Facebook page and to as needed.
  • Coordinates with website coordinator to maintain domain.
  • Coordinates with rink coordinator to manage rink Facebook page.

Past President

  • Advise the President on affairs of the previous term and on relevant operations for the future.
  • Assist in training the president on the affairs of the organization
  • Advise the Executive of procedures and policies that have happened in the past.
  • Provide a link from previous year’s administration to the present.
  • Watch for and encourage new individuals to volunteer.


  • Preside at meetings of the Executive and at the Annual General Meeting of the Association
  • Ensure meetings run smoothly and quickly in a positive atmosphere.
  • Appoint a member of the Executive to act in his/her capacity in the absence.
  • Chairs all meetings according to parliamentary procedures (Robert’s Rules of Order).
  • Has signing authority for all payments made by the Association and for all legal paper and contracts.
  • Ensure the all Executives are given training in their duties and responsibilities.
  • Ensure that all Executive carry out their assigned responsibilities and duties.
  • Act on the Community Association’s behalf in matters pertaining to the association to various levels of government, outside agencies’, the City of Saskatoon, at public functions.
  • Watch for and encourage new individuals to volunteer.

 Vice President

  • Assist the President in the overall leadership and operation of the organization.
  • Co-ordinate special committees.
  • Serve on any committee as designated by the President.
  • Serve as “President in Training,” learning all of the aspects of the community organization.
  • Prepare grant applications with Treasurer.

Rink Coordinator

  • Apply for all grants pertaining to rinks with assistance from the Area Recreation Consultant.
  • Ensure rink schedules are forwarded to the communications director for placement in the association newsletter
  • Maintain the rink
  • Provide yearly budget for rink maintenance. 


  • Records, types and distributes minutes of meetings.
  • File minutes and corresponding meeting documents for future reference.
  • Type agenda and notify members of next meeting time and place
  • Keep and maintain attendance and volunteer hours
  • Monitor Talk Mail system for messages and forward to appropriate executive member.
  • Maintain up-to-date list of executive
  • Ensure minutes are archived and available as per Policy 3.1 Record Keeping.

Soccer Coordinator

  • Organize and coordinate the soccer program for the association in cooperation with Saskatoon Youth Soccer.
  • Submit registration date, time, location and fees to the communications director for placement in the association newsletter.
  • Recruit coaches and make up teams.
  • In conjunction with Saskatoon Youth Soccer, ensure all details regarding times, dates and locations of all games are established.
  • Purchase and maintain all equipment
  • Provide yearly budget for all soccer needs.

Social Coordinator

  • Assist in planning, preparation, and delivery of board initiatives.
  • Schedule, plan, advertise, and be present at social functions initiated by the Social Committee.
  • Prepare budget estimates for social functions and handle payment of associated expenses.
  • Submit information related to social functions to both school newsletters and to the communications director for placement in the association newsletter.
  • Assist at registration nights and at any other events initiated by the association.

Softball Coordinator

  • Organize and coordinate the softball program, in cooperation with Saskatoon Minor Softball League.
  • Develop schedule for all games, in conjunction with Saskatoon Minor Softball League.
  • Recruit coaches and make up teams.
  • Provide dates and times of clinics for coaches, umpires and players.
  • Purchase new equipment and uniforms when needed.
  • Provide yearly budget for all softball needs.
  • Submit registration details to the communications director for placement in the association newsletter.

Traffic Coordinator

  • Communicate traffic concerns brought forth from the membership to the board.
  • Coordinate with city councillor to rectify traffic concerns.


Role: Responsible for all accounting and financial matters of the Association


  1. Maintain the financial accounting records of the Association.
  2. Prepare and present up-to-date Balance Sheet and Statement of Revenues and Expenses at each monthly Executive meeting.
  3. Prepare year-end Balance Sheet and Statement of Revenues and Expenses and facilitate work of external accountants conducting Review Engagement on these statements. Present statements at Annual General Meeting.
  4. Prepare and present annual budget for the Association.
  5. Oversee collection of membership and registration fees at all Association registration nights. Prepare cash floats as required.
  6. Assist in the collection of NSF cheques and advertising receivables.
  7. Deposit all Association revenues.
  8. Process short-term investment of surplus funds.
  9. Receive invoices of the Association and process payment. Act as co-signatory on chequing account.
  10. Process renewal of Association’s insurance policies.
  11. Prepare grant application forms and submit to City of Saskatoon.
  12. Prepare Association’s annual return and submit to Province of Saskatchewan.
  • Attend monthly Executive meetings
  • Attend registration nights
  • Periodic bank deposits

Skills Required            Basic accounting and administration

Additional Roles

  • Liaisons for Willowgrove, Holy Family, Mother Teresa, Forest Grove Elementary Schools.
  • Liaisons for Centennial & St. Joe’s Collegiates.
  • Member at large
  • Rink Committee members