WUHCA Fall Registration Night and AGM September 6, 2017

The WUHCA fall in-person registration and Annual General Meeting will be September 6, 2017 at 7pm in the Willowgrove School gym.

The AGM is held before the program registration starts, and typically this is when vacant positions are filled. Once the vacancies are filled, registration will be open first to those who have volunteered for a board position, then to those community members who attended the AGM, followed by general online registration for those who are not in attendance.

Vacant positions for the upcomming year include:

Media coordinator – Coordinate production of one printed mail out each year (One page, 2 sides usually containing soccer & ball registration information); liason to supporting community businesses. Works closely with second media coordinator who does website and facebook updates.
Under 5 and Kinder Soccer coordinators – Organize kindersoccer registrants into teams, arrange volunteer coaches.
Vice-treasurer – Apprentice to treasurer, assists with treasurer duties in anticipation of taking on treasurer role when needed.
Rink coordinator– Work with rink committee to plan rink for Willowgrove/University Heights.
School Communications – Liason to our local schools.

Without community members to form the Willowgrove University Heights Community Association, there can be no programs offered or social events held throughout the year. (Family Skate Day, Garage Sale, Earth Day, Fun Day to name a few). Registration will proceed once these positions are filled.

Program registration notes: There is a $15 per year family membership that is required to participate in programming and is additional to program costs. All WUHCA memberships expire August 31 of each year.

*Please note that programs may have changed from the leisure guide listings. Please see the link below for an updated program schedule.

*Reminder: New this year: online registration will be available first to those who attend the AGM once the vacant positions are filled.

  • on line registrants must purchase a membership online first, then register
  • on line payment will be by credit card or PayPal exclusively
  • online registration will be open from the end of the AGM registration Sept 6 (to allow those who attend the AGM the opportunity to register first) until Sept. 8th at 8 p.m. After this time, there will be a late fee charged to register for any spaces that remain.
  • *If you are not able to register for a program please email either children.programs@wuhca.ca or adultyouth.programs@wuhca.ca to be put on a waitlist.  We do our very best to accommodate as many people as possible.*

Fall 2017 Shared Program Sheet Sept 5

Thank you for participating in your community association programing. We look forward to seeing you at the AGM and during the year.