Sept 7: WUHCA Annual General Meeting and Fall Registration Night

Join us September 7th, 2016 for 7pm at Willowgrove school. Our AGM will run first, with registration to follow. We need community members to attend the AGM as part of the rules for a non-profit organization. Also, we will need to fill positions for our executive board before we can start registration. Please consider volunteering, as our programming is not possible without our community coordinators.

The positions that we are looking to fill include:
Vice President,
Social Coordinator,
Soccer Coordinators for U6, U8 and U10,
Youth / Adult Programming Coordinator,
Assistant Treasurer,
Program Coordinator Assistant (booking),
Membership Coordinator,
Traffic Coordinator,
On-line registration Coordinator,
Ecole Mother Theressa Liasion, Centennial High School Liaison and St. Josephs High School Liaison.

In order for all our programs to run, we need volunteers to keep our community association programs and event going. At the AGM, the positions will be listed along with the duties that position requires. The community association meets one evening each month from September till June to discuss community events and programs. Without our volunteers, our programs would not be possible so we encourage you to help out where you can and be a part of our association. It is a great way to meet new friends and to be the first to know what is happening in our community. Sign up at our AGM and you can be the first in line to register in your program, this is just one of the perks of being part of the board. We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.

WUHCA Financial Statements can be found here.WUHCA Financial Statements June 2016

Our program information can be found in the leisure guide on page 61 and is subject to change.