Saskatoon Wild & Redwing Rezoning Announcement

Good Day Saskatoon Redwings and Saskatoon Wild parents and players.

As many of you know our zone boundaries are reviewed periodically due to the continued growth of the city and the growth of minor hockey along with it. There is currently a difference of approximately 200 players between the Wild& Redwing zones.

Effective for the 2014-15 season registration the zone boundary between the Redwings and the Wild will be changed in the Willowgrove neighborhood. All other communities will be unaffected.

Willowgrove will be divided at Willowgrove Blvd & Willowgrove These two streets and all streets north of them will remain in the Wild zone. All areas of Willowgrove, south of these two streets will now be part of the Redwing Zone. To be clear, starting with registration for the 2014-15 season, players living on Maguire, Lamarsh, Van Impe and all streets in Willowgrove to the south of these three streets will be registering as Zone G Redwing players.

If you have any questions regarding where you should be registering next season, please contact a zone registrar at or

We fully understand that for some rezoning is a difficult time of change. Please view this as a time to play hockey with the many familiar faces you have participated in other activities with and have attended school with over the years while Willowgrove has filled in. It is also a great time to meet new family friends and forge new and everlasting relationships with those you have not met yet.

With change comes new opportunities, with rezoning and other variables, both the Redwing Zone board and the Wild Zone board would like to encourage any parents that would like to be involved in organizing hockey for their players to check out the zone websites for openings on their respective boards going into the 2014-15 season. If you are interested in joining our efforts please contact E.J. Babey, Zone Commissioner of the Redwings or Deon Harris, Zone Commissioner of the Wild to discuss positions in detail at or