Winter Program Registration Information

The Leisure Guide is out! Come see us on page 59 & 60 of the WINTER edition. Registration for our programs is Wednesday January 7th, 2015 at 7pm in the common area of Centennial Collegiate (160 Nelson Road).

Yes, we would love to have online registration. No, we don’t have that yet. We are looking into cost effective options and manageable logistics. If you are able to help out with setting up online registration, please contact us at

Please note there is an error in the leisure guide: WUHCA Memberships can be purchased for $15/year. If you have one from Fall registration, please bring it with you. All memberships expire Aug 31 each year.

To help things move faster :

Have an idea of the program you want, with a second choice (our spaces are mostly shared and are therefore limited!) Bring a cheque or cash, a pen, and fill out our WUHCA membership form ahead of time.

See you then!